The inventory and shopper counter doesn't change when I select a new variant

This happens when Shopper and Stock Remaining Counter is unable to locate the variant pickers on your product page and so does not know when shoppers view a new variant. 

If you do not have HTML / CSS experience or your product pages use swatch-style variant selectors, please contact support for assistance. 

If you do have HTML / CSS experience and your product pages do not use swatch-style variant selectors, please follow the steps below to update the  Variant Selector field in the app:

  1. Visit a product page in the Chrome browser
  2. Right click on a variant picker on the page and select Inspect Element
  3. Copy the class name (not the ID) of the variant picker

  4. Open the Shopper and Stock Remaining Counter app
  5. Click on Advanced Settings and paste the class name of your variant picker in to the Variant Selector field 
  6. Save changes
  7. Confirm inventory and shopper counts are changing on your product page when a new variant is selected. If they're not, please contact support for assistance.
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